salvaged wood table, brooklyn to west, design squish blog

salvaged wood table, brooklyn to west, design squish blog

salvaged wood table, brooklyn to west, design squish blog

ariele alasko, design squish blog

“I’m a builder, a fixer, and a do-it-myselfer. My favorite things in life are big tools, old wood, good pasta, and finding great materials in a dumpster. I grew up in California, and blindly moved to New York seven years ago when I was accepted into art school for sculpture. I instantly fell in love with the grungy part of Brooklyn, and within a month, we had moved into Bedstuy. I have lived in the same apartment for five years now, which has given me plenty of time to slowly “fix” a few things around the house: de-carpet stairways, tile in kitchen… you name it!” - Ariele Alasko


December 19, 2012


design squish blog

design squish blog

design squish blog

Rue de Meaux Housing is a low income social housing project. “Architect Renzo Piano teamed up with Desvigne and Dalnoky to design an amazing courtyard space for their project in Paris.  A modular architectural design establishes a background for the small forest of birch trees.  The thin birch canopy creates a diaphanous lighting condition while still obstructing views across the courtyard, thereby providing the inhabitants access to both privacy and light.” -


December 13, 2012


snowflake crystal, design squish blog

shipping pallet table, design squish blog

felt shoes, design squish blog

mt.hood oregon skiing, design squish blog

Mt. Hood Oregon 1942

December 11, 2012


70's russian forest flowers button, design squish blog

70's russian bluebells buttons, design squish blog

70's russian thistle button, design squish blog

russian 1970' cornflower button, design squish blog

russula mushroom button, 1970's, russian,  design squish blog

oak button, russia, soviet, design squish blog

blackberry button, russian 1970's buttons, design squish blog

podosinovik, design squish blog

Buttons from top to bottom: water lily, lily of the valley, first flowers, chamomile, bluebells, thistle, cornflower, russel muhroom, oak, blackberry, red under aspen mushroom.


October 09, 2012


crate chairs by autumn workshop, daniel goers, design squish blog

crate chairs by autumn workshop, daniel goers, design squish blog

Crate Chairs by Brooklyn based design studio Autumn Workshop started by Daniel Goers.  These chairs are made entirely from re-purposed hologram storage crates.  / “No extra wood was used in the fabrication of these chairs. The original crates were cut down, and the cut-offs were recycled back into the structure. The design uses the printed graphics to inform the user how to interact with the storage components of the furniture” /


September 13, 2012


design squish blog

design squish blog

September 03, 2012


design squish blog

“I don’t like concrete. A tree moves and also I’m silent. With a nail or a saw. you’d know I was there. I am like a raccoon” - Richard Greaves

design squish blog

Home of artist and architect, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein.

miracle on the mountain, house by clarence schmidt, design squish blog

“Miracle on the Mountain” by Clarence Schmidt. Clarence Schmidt was locally and nationally renowned outsider artist -  an iconic pioneer of monumental environmental sculpture. His ongoing life’s work, the “Miracle on the Mountain,” was constructed of found objects and recycled materials between the years 1940-1972, which evolved on the back slope of Ohayo Mountain, in Woodstock NY.

grimes house boat, design squish blog

In 2009, Grimes (Canadian singer-songwriter Claire Boucher) and her then-boyfriend from Tennessee constructed a 20-foot houseboat, named the “Velvet Glove Cast in Iron,” with the intention to sail it down the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to New Orleans. The cargo included chickens, a typewriter, 20 pounds of potatoes and a gifted copy of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

design squish blog

Due to engine trouble and subsequent harassment from the Minnesota police, the journey was cut short and the houseboat and chickens were impounded. Above: Grimes.

mississippi house boat, design squish blog

Mississippi house boat.


wood table, design squish blog 

cutting boards, design squish blog

Above: Musicians at Port Townsend Farmers Market.


handmade in brooklyn, rag rug, design squish blog

handmade in brooklyn, rag rug, design squish blog

Handwoven in Brooklyn from found and reclaimed fabric. 

July 24, 2012


design squish blog

glass drop lamp, design squish blog

design squish blog

scott burton, rock chair, design squish blog

design squish blog

serpentine chair, eleonore nalet, design squish blog


serpentine chair, design squish blog

Chair by Afteroom, Glass Drop lamp by Artilleriet, Rock Chairs by Scott Burton, Serpentine chair by Eleonore Nalet.

July 23, 2012


reused plastic bottles, cloud, sculpture, design squish blog

Cloud made of plastic bottles which brought to life a local myth in Vrindavan, India.

garbage tent, design squish blog

“The Life Instinct” solo show by Anne Percoco celebrates makeshift solutions, survival instincts, and reuse of discarded material. The centerpiece is a scrappy yet intricate hut assembled from scavenged materials and textural handmade elements, which visitors could enter and sit inside.

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June 16, 2012


organic cotton fabric white cloud pillow, design squish blog

white cloud pillow, organic cotton, design squish blog

Take a nap with your head in the clouds. White organic cotton cloud pillow.


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June 02, 2012


vanishing of the bees, environmental documentary

Two great documentaries about bees - VANISHING OF THE BEES and QUEEN OF THE SUN

Both films center around the sudden disappearance of honey bees from beehives around the world, caused by the poorly understood phenomenon known as Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD. Vanishing of the Bees does not draw any firm scientific conclusions as to the precise cause or causes of CCD, it does suggest a link between neonicotinoid pesticides and CCD.  Queen of the Sun explores the historical and contemporary relationship between bees and humans. 

vanishing of the bees, adam makarenko

Artwork by Adam Makarenko.


May 13, 2012


symbiosis, log fi, stanley ruiz, design squish blog

LOG-FI is a project by Stanley Ruiz and Wataru Sakuma of Masaeco.
Speakers were cast from tree logs with 100% paper pulp!



design squish blog

Re-Love  is a project by MAEZM.“Most clothes and chairs used in the past were collected by the artists and other relevant parties. It was designed based on a new method using objects in which memories remain and original function gone.  The discarded chair once again becomes a comfortable sofa with clothes on top. Clothes are what enable the chair to play its part. This is also understood as one’s own past. As clothes are tangled, memories can be tied up to create a new love. To love the things again means to add another function to them. To love the things again means to add another function to them”

design squish blog

“To love the things again here needs be distinguished from recycling. Though the old and ragged chair in my room will gradually lose a great deal of its original function, it will hold prevalent value over other new ones through the time and space shared with me. This chair may carry an image of myself on it, stretching leg to the floor, or elaborately cherish a reminiscence of a time when I conversed with someone.
Sharing of such time and memory is also a matter of intimacy between me and the thing. However, regrettably enough, we repeatedly replace the thing for a new ‘goods’ unconsciously in pursuit of the ‘function’ it provides. The relationship between a thing and people should be understood as an expression of
‘self love’ on oneself as a result rather than personifying a thing. The intention is that the act of loving a thing again is engraved as love of one self about the time and space, and such love be proposed as methodology through ‘RE_LOVE’ “

May 11, 2012


during sakura festivel, brooklyn botanical garden, design squish blog

Photo taken at Brooklyn Botanical Garden during cherry blossom festival.


vintage fabric pot holders, design squish blog

vintage fabric pot holders, design squish blog

Pair of cotton pot holders, sewn with 1940s Vintage florals by Lilleputt Studio on Etsy

April 17, 2012

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