Modern house from recycled windows, Christiania

Glass house made from recycled glass windows in Freetown Christiania, neighborhood/commune in Copenhagen, Denmark created during the hippie movement. Christiania has its own flag and its own set of rules independent from the Danish government. Within Christiania itself no cars are allowed, stealing is forbidden as well as violence, guns, knives, bulletproof vests, hard drugs and bikers’ colors.

July 19, 2009


design squish blog

design squish blog

Love the idea!!

April 21, 2009


recycled leather belt floor mat, design squish blog

Wow. Handmade floor mat from old vintage leather belts.  Design by Inghua Ting.

March 11, 2009


design squish blog

design squish blog

This moss rug is perfect! I found it on Environmental Graffitti Blog.  - “Created by Switzerland-based industrial designer La Chanh Nguyen, the small indoor greenspace features three types of live green mosses - ball moss, island moss and forest moss - that grow in individual “cells” of plastazote, a decay-free foam” The moss carpet absorbs bathroom moisture. Mosses flourish in damp, humid environments such as bathrooms.  You probably will need to have a window of some sort in the bathroom because i think moss also likes sunlight, but otherwise this is a great idea.
I always wanted to have a bed out of moss.  Moss is really soft and good to sleep on.  I know this from experience. Once I was in the forest and I was very tired. I found a large field of moss the size of a bed. I slept on it for three hours.  The idea of moss as a carpet or rug is only natural. In fact, I am seriously considering growing my own moss rug. 

February 12, 2009


vintage glass salt and pepper shakers

MANILLA MADE is a blog about all things ethical organized by Helen Cuthbert, a textile designer in UK.  All things ethical are all things handmade, recycled, bright and colorful! I love this blog.
My favorite pieces on this blog are:  vintage glass salt and pepper shakers, handmade shadow lanterns made out of recycled metal food cans, and soy teacup candles!!!

handmade shadow lanterns

soy teacup candles

February 07, 2009


I just found this interview with Graham Hill, the founder of about Planet Green! Elephant journal says: “Years ago, back in the dark days of pre-Green Fad-dom (2004)<—:):), our smoggy future looked black. Four years later, Green is the new Black. (!!!!!) ”


design squish blog

Chest of drawers by Wis Design made out of discarded drawers rescued from flea markets.

December 23, 2008


jiffy notebook

REPLAYGROUND makes journal notepads from cereal boxes.  They are packed with blank pages of recycled paper and the cover is a reclaimed cereal box cardboard.

December 07, 2008


redesign chairs, old furniture,great way to restore old chairs Great way to restore old chairs!
&MADE is one of the UKs freshest consultancies for ethically conscious contemporary design. Located in a former mid 20th Century doss house overlooking a tributary of the River Thames, they have grown from their birth in 2005 into an award winning studio, working in product, furniture and spatial design. With an extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes and a background of new technologies and engineering , &made demonstrate a unique creative process, with a commitment to conscious design. One that has been recognised by the Design Museum, MoMA and Terrence Conran.

November 23, 2008


refired plates, reglazed ceramics, treehugger

Brooklyn-based designer Sarah Cihat scours garage sales and thrift shops, looking for ceramics that she can give a second life to. She takes the discarded dishware and reglazes it, turning old and frumpy cast-offs into fun, funky, artful dishes. Fond of the silhouette, most of her work features animals, people and things like anchors and skull-n-crossbones in colorful contrast the ceramics’ new glaze; says the designer, “Each piece represents a rejection of more brand new products filling shelves and storage closets. Rehabilitated Dishware is a subtle statement of the importance of recycling and the renewed value of unwanted things.” - from Treehugger

November 18, 2008


reuse broken umbrella, umbrella bag, recycle umbrellas

Have you ever felt bad for the numerous broken umbrellas during the storm? You do not have to anymore!
They all can be turned into a bag! Yes Yes.

taken from FIFTYRX3, a blog about style and sustainability by Jill Danyelle.
(“fiftyRX3 was a project in style and sustainability. It consisted of a photo documentary of what Jill Danyelle wore everyday for a year with a goal of averaging fifty percent sustainability based on the environmental mantra ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’. There was also exploration into the relationship we have with our clothing and how others perceive who we are through what we wear.)

November 17, 2008



Vancouver based designer Ashley Watson handcrafts her one-of-a-kind leather products using exclusively recycled material. She began designing handbags with recycled leather in early 2005, inspired by the original features of jackets purchased from charity thrift stores. She ultimately incorporates these features, such as pockets and seams, into each unique bag or wallet design.

With an extensive background in studio art, Ashley brings an innovative and environmentally sound approach to fashion design, creating products that are practical, sophisticated, and, above all, distinctive.

A native of British Columbia, Ashley holds a degree in Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. After studying fashion design in Vancouver, Ashley interned at Libertine in New York City. Upon her return to Vancouver, she worked as a jewelry designer before founding Ashley Watson Recycled Leather in 2006.

Ashley Watson Recycled Leather bags and wallets are now sold online and in stores across North America, and will soon be available in select stores in Europe. 


contemporary bird feeder, designer birdfeederplanter, hanging planter basket

Me and Paul have been fond of PERCH bird feeder and planter that are made of white earthenware. 
P.S (Their website is so cute!!)

November 10, 2008

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