handmade in brooklyn, rag rug, design squish blog

handmade in brooklyn, rag rug, design squish blog

Handwoven in Brooklyn from found and reclaimed fabric. 

July 24, 2012


handmade rope baskets, design squish blog Handmade rope baskets by Brooklyn-based artist Doug Johnston.

January 25, 2012


design squish blog

Avoska, translated as “just in case” is a Russian net bag.  Avoska collapses to fit inside your fist and expands to hold 12 grapefruits. It is easy to wash and boxes edges do not rip it’s threads. Best of all, it prevents plastic bags from gathering in your kitchen corner or the world’s landfills.  With the popularization of plastic bags after the 90’s (after the fall of Soviet Union) avoska bags gradually went into disuse in Russia.

avoska, russia, street, design squish blog

people carrying avoska bags, russia, design squish blog

Above: Russia 1959. People carrying avoska bags. Photo: Carl Mydans.

Contemporary Russian folklore:  Once upon a time in Russia there lived a simple little net bag - Avoska. Everyone loved her.  People took her with them everywhere - to the store, farmers market and even birthdays. But then….plastic bags came and people forgot about Avoska.  To see what happens next watch this really adorable 3 minute film on Youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/avoska

design squish blog

design squish blog

design squish blog

Above: Boy hugging avoska bag from short “Avoska” film (See above)

Read blog dedicated to Avoski:  http://avoski.livejournal.com/

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June 07, 2011


felt boots, valenki, traditional russian footwear, design squish blog

I am absolutely in love with %100 wool felt boots, valenki. Traditional Russian footwear. A great alternative to Uggs.

russian felt boots, valenki, design squish blog

felt boots, valenki, russian footwear, design squish blog

December 30, 2010


reused cotton fabric sandcomb seat, design squish blog

reused cotton fabric sandcomb seat, design squish blog

Sandcomb seat from reused cotton by DKSD, Dutch interior and product design studio. A lightweight, yet windproof seat when filled with sand. Part of ‘portable’ furniture series. - http://www.wraf.nl

Beautiful exterior cladding panel design by DKSD inspired by…herring!
Below is a new exterior cladding panel designed to protect buildings from rainwater and also retain it. This slightly bowl-shaped panel harvests rainwater and funnels it to tanks for internal storage. The water is then used for the building’s heating, cooling and sanitary installations.  The scale-like surface and pearly colours give the panels their nickname ‘Hollandse Nieuwe’, referring to Dutch fresh herring and two brand new Dutch designers!

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November 30, 2010


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design squish blog

Casamento, located in Cape Town, South Africa individually hand crafts furniture using recycled frames and only natural fibers throughout: natural non-allergenic fibers: sisal, raw cotton wadding, horsehair jute webbing, hessian and flock natural fibers.

May 18, 2009