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Kako Ueda is one of my favorite artists that composes extremely detailed and intricate artwork by cutting paper.  Craft of composing images by cutting paper exists in many cultures, especially Japan, where Kako Ueda is from.  Kako is interested in organic beings such as animals, plants, people, insects and how they are modified by culture.  In Kako Ueda’s cutouts I see outlines of flowers and organic shapes that belong to cultures and subcultures of different time periods - tattoos, deers, skulls, as well as Art Deco flower patterns, flowers executed in Victorian style. 

kako ueda, design squish blog

December 04, 2007


Saved by the Sun is an educational film/program that probes how innovative technologies, new business models, increasing financial incentives, and a growing grassroots commitment to solving the climate crisis are driving a renaissance in solar energy around the world. The film is about an hour long and is divided into six chapters.  For ex, chapter four is about Germany’s renewable energy through financial incentives.
Watch Saved by the Sun here:  Saved by the Sun
Watch chapter four of the film by clicking the image below:

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December 01, 2007