reused crates

I saw this photograph on Sandbox Studio website.  I really like the idea of using wooden shipping platforms and crates as a support for a mattress and as a bed frame.  I always see thrown out shipping pallets and crates in industrial neighborhoods and construction sites and have been wondering about ways of reusing them. 

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December 23, 2008


russian banya

russian sauna

The most important part of russian banya ( БАНЯ ) for me is jumping from hot banya heat into the snow or frozen river to cool yourself down. Another very important aspect of russian banya is beating yourself with hot white birch branches. I should not forget about drinking kvas ( russian root beer drink) in the banya entrance room, vodka and snacking on pickles, mushrooms, and etc after a good banya session .
It is a real authentic russian experience and I think everybody should try it. A friend of ours built russian banya in his backyard in upstate New York and apparently it is very easy and cheap to build.

*below: bania in upstate New York

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December 17, 2008


jiffy notebook

REPLAYGROUND makes journal notepads from cereal boxes.  They are packed with blank pages of recycled paper and the cover is a reclaimed cereal box cardboard.

December 07, 2008


design squish blog, spicy dill pickle vodka

I wanted to check my yahoo e-mail and stumbled upon yahoo top ten green do-it-youself suggestions.  They are really fun. They include:  Gardening gift certificate, paper gifts made from junk mail, homemade infused vodka, homemade IPhone case, tickets to a local event and a subscription to Ready Made Magazine. My favorite is homemade infused vodka.  Here is a recipe from yahoo:  Find organic fruit, herbs, spices, or peppers at the farmers market (or your garden) and soak them a bottle of vodka (organic also, if possible). In two weeks or less, you’ll have a flavored treat for holiday cocktail parties. *
*(My own addition to the recipe:  You can also infuse vodka with pepper, horseradish and even pickle.  There are a lot of different ways to infuse vodka in Russian tradition. I am definitely drinking homemade spicy dill pickle infused vodka for the holiday!)
Recipe for Spicy Dill Pickle Vodka:
1 bottle of vodka
2 cucumbers
1 jalapeno pepper
6 cloves of garlic
sprigs of fresh dill

November 28, 2008


redesign chairs, old furniture,great way to restore old chairs Great way to restore old chairs!
&MADE is one of the UKs freshest consultancies for ethically conscious contemporary design. Located in a former mid 20th Century doss house overlooking a tributary of the River Thames, they have grown from their birth in 2005 into an award winning studio, working in product, furniture and spatial design. With an extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes and a background of new technologies and engineering , &made demonstrate a unique creative process, with a commitment to conscious design. One that has been recognised by the Design Museum, MoMA and Terrence Conran.

November 23, 2008

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