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russian banya

russian sauna

The most important part of russian banya ( БАНЯ ) for me is jumping from hot banya heat into the snow or frozen river to cool yourself down. Another very important aspect of russian banya is beating yourself with hot white birch branches. I should not forget about drinking kvas ( russian root beer drink) in the banya entrance room, vodka and snacking on pickles, mushrooms, and etc after a good banya session .
It is a real authentic russian experience and I think everybody should try it. A friend of ours built russian banya in his backyard in upstate New York and apparently it is very easy and cheap to build.

*below: bania in upstate New York

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Posted by DESIGN SQUISH on December 17, 2008


 on  10/17  at  02:52 AM

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 on  10/31  at  05:22 AM

I like this place. It gets two thumbs up in my opinion but you need to understand you are not going to the Four Seasons spa. Jewellery design lego city
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 on  11/01  at  06:35 PM

I loved it there. It was kind of hard to find but it was great. I personally loved the steam room. Isle of Capri Real Estate mobile home dealers
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 on  11/03  at  03:26 AM

I am visiting my BFF in Boston, and we thought a nice swim ,steam and spa day would be beneficial after Friday night. Upon our arrival at Banya, we were advised it was "MENS DAY". Home Warranty jcpenney promo code
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 on  11/03  at  03:50 AM

First time here and I will definitely be back! I'm a big fan of the sauna, having lived in Finland. Although I've lived in MA all my life and Boston for the past 5 years it wasn't until recently I discovered the Russian Bath houses. Scheda R4 DSi logo design
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 on  11/10  at  07:14 AM

Not all of us can afford the luxury of traveling to Eastern Europe for a few glorious bathing sessions. Thankfully, we can enjoy all that the Russian Baths have to offer right here in our very own New York. Dixons Discount Codes hampers
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 on  11/15  at  03:43 AM

The place is clean, I'm not crazy about the hot tub but then again I'm not really there for the hot tub, I"m there to sit in the Wet Sauna and really let my muscles relax. If you are interested in a new experience this is a great place to explore. I go every week. I love it. Passport Photos OC WEDDING LIMOUSINE
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 on  11/26  at  06:06 AM

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