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I see a lot of old beautiful bird cages in the garbage. I think I threw out a few as well a long long time ago. What I did not know is that they can be transformed into beautiful lamps. This re-purposed bird cage lamp above is by PSPCA ( Philadelphia Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  The curtain will naturally diffuse the light acting as a lamp shade!


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Posted by DESIGN SQUISH on March 10, 2010


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 on  06/25  at  01:03 AM

IKEA sells a "lamp kit" which would make this quite easy to do. It is a cord with a light bulb socket on the end.
 on  06/26  at  11:52 AM

I believe this person did use an Ikea "lamp kit"
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 on  11/01  at  05:59 PM

I LOVE this idea!! it looks fabulous!! I always say – never throw out a “treasure” as you never know what ELSE it can BECOME!!! Printed Tissue Paper Penthouse Frankfurt
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 on  11/02  at  05:49 PM

I was inspired by how these bird cages were hung from the ceilings. While this Florentine house used them as candle holders; I thought that the same idea could be applied as a light fixture. 457 visa timeline free texting
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 on  11/03  at  03:08 AM

There are many things to love about owning a unique and one of a kind piece like your birdcage lamp. While these are made to last there are a few things to remember when handling your lamp. cartier santos 100 replica Online counselling depression
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 on  11/03  at  06:01 AM

While these are made to last there are a few things to remember when handling your lamp. This lamp is not a toy or a cage to house a real bird. It is not made to withstand any amount of rough handling and should be treated gently. Automatic Sanitizer Refill Play Free Online Games
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 on  11/03  at  05:27 PM

Our lamps are wired by hand and you need to be gentle when changing the bulb and carefully hold the socket while screwing and unscrewing the bulb. We recommend only using compact fluorescents legal steroids herbal incense
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 on  11/09  at  05:37 PM

These bulbs put out very little heat and will help to keep the hand-stitched fabric in your shade from fading. IW is not responsible for any damage done to or by the lamp once it is in your care. samsung galaxy tab review Three Mobile Promo Codes
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 on  11/10  at  11:12 AM

This lovely shabby chic distressed cream birdcage lamp would be a great accent piece in any room of your home. The beautiful large flowers and branches provide the perfect setting for your bird. And best of all? The look of a bird and cage, but no cleaning or feeding required! Passages Malibu Free Education
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 on  11/17  at  09:01 AM

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 on  11/20  at  03:21 PM

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