lichen drawing

Lichen, 600 Years

Deborah Feilier: “Silently watching bees amongst lavender, snowflakes fall against the sky, lines eroded by water over mud or stalactites formed below foot are, for me, moments of awe.“Silence gives us the opportunity to experience a new kind of sensibility, it gives us another, better, opportunity for contemplation: experience itself.” Herman de vries(1)In making visual equivalents for this elusive experience of silent watching, I appropriate lines from the outside world - something in opposition to myself - to create a still and contemplative personal space. I am driven by my interests in the interface of different disciplines - science, art, psychology, language and thought, geology - and I am conscious of their various strands looping in and out of my work “

river crossing drawing

River Crossing

” Whilst the repetition of line is governed by underlying structures, such as the shadows cast by the arc of the sun, or the growth rate of lichen, the painting is more to do with the experience of looking, rather than a literal representation. [....] I am interested in connections with traditional Chinese landscape painting and the romantic works of Casper David Friedrich in expressing ideas of experience and the central role of nature in our lives. Shirazeh Houshiary, Michael Landy’s “Nourishment” series and Agnes Martin use the fragile line to create stillness in work that is both intensely personal whilst speaking of collective experience. Edwina Leapman’s paintings are of particular interest – for her programmatic application of paint, as well as her shared interest in Taoist themes of discovery and respect for the natural world”

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Frozen Time


December 05, 2009