How green is IKEA?  Last time I went to IKEA, I bought a giant bag of swedish meatballs and sauce.  I cooked them at home and they were delicious - for some weird reason I could not stop eating them. Hm, I thought.  I looked at the ingredients on the bag of sauce and it read: monosodium glutamate.  I was surprised that IKEA, a big swedish company would use MSG in their meatballs. Do they have MSG meatballs in all IKEA stores or just U.S? Maybe they think MSG is good for you?
I remembered that when I was buying meatballs in IKEAnext to them I saw big containers full of bright yellow and blue reusable IKEA bags. IKEA stopped using plastic bags but instead you can buy IKEA’s big reusable plastic bag for $59c. Lots of IKEA furniture is made from natural, untreated wood, free of phtahaltes, lead; their kitchen furniture is free of formaldehyde. IKEA supports the use of environmentally friendly, sustainable and recycled materials as well.

November 30, 2008