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A COLLECTION OF is an excavation of people, places, things, animals, and ideas, updated daily by Stefani Greenwood and Gilda Davidian. People: human beings (individuals or groups); characters, interesting personalities; interviews, features, conversations, and profiles. Places: a portion of space and places to go, real or imaginary; shows we think you should see; an exploration of location; get ready for adventure. Things: objects, beings, entities; stuff we like and want you to know about. Animals: organisms, furry friends, fauna, “with soul” and part of a kingdom. Ideas: thoughts, concepts, abstractions, things to investigate; knowledge to share; experiences to convey.

Why did you start A collection Of?

G: We wanted an outlet for the things we discovered online instead of just emailing each other back and forth with links. Stefani and I work really well together and we knew we wanted to start a new project to have another excuse to hang out:) The blog took on a shape of its own... we knew what we wanted to call the blog and what its basic structure would be. It was a natural evolution.

S: Because if you met Gilda you would want to start a project with her immediately. She is smart, beautiful and always keeps me on my toes... yearning for more beauty, more love and more experiences.

Why thing, person, place, idea and animal?

G: We decided early on that we wanted to cover a wide range of subjects. We knew we wanted to post once daily, Monday through Friday. We were thinking about categories and collections and the person-place-thing-animal-idea theme covered the basics of what we are interested in, so we started from there.

S: Ditto what Gilda said... For me, it gives me structure but at the same time is such a huge umbrella to where the world of posting is really open to everything. It is like a collective brainstorm of our lives, minds and hearts.

design squish blog

Highest Point. Photo by Stefani Greenwood.

What do you like/dislike about living in Los Angeles?

G: I love Los Angeles with all of my heart. I love the sun, the blue skies, the way downtown Los Angeles looks from my exit, the vibrancy, the energy; the many cultures that have made Los Angeles their home and make Los Angeles my home; the arts! the fact that you can find anything you want here if you keep looking for it; and the way that the city reinvents itself over and over again through time. The one thing I really dislike is the lack of convenient and efficient public transportation. Traffic jams suck my spirit dry.

design squish blog

Lowest Point. Photo by Stefani Greenwood.

S: A free association with the words like, dislike, los angeles: driving, ideas, so much space, special places, smog, highest point, lowest point, sunlight, the ocean, family, friends, walking, grids, beautiful blue skies, perfect mountains, here i am, i love this land, los angeles. This could be insane list because a lot of what I like is connected to what I dislike - it almost becomes an either/or situation.

March 11, 2011