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Island #2
Janaki Lennie
oil on canvas


My artwork is a response to my immediate surroundings and in a larger context to our complex relationship with the natural environment. My recent relocation from downtown Houston, Texas to St John’s, Newfoundland represented a dramatic shift in my point of view. I have been inspired by the wonderful coastline of this province and its unique social and political situation to explore the mystique that islands hold in our culture and history.
Islands fire the imagination, sometimes as places of entrapment or dread but more often as alluring utopias shimmering on the horizon, promising a serenity normally absent from modern life, an image often at odds with the reality of their isolation.
This series of paintings explores the island as an ephemeral vision, slightly beyond reach, embedded in an uncertain atmospheric space and separated, sometimes by distance, sometimes by the trappings of urban existence. The nostalgic pull of this island dream persists. - Janaki Lennie

breathing space, ainting

breathing space, painting

Breathing Space

For the last several years, I have explore the possibility of calm in the midst of chaotic contemporary experience, which is believe is often characterized by a profound disconnection between people and the natural world. They present the natural world as the experience of space itself; her images push man and nature to opposite sides.  The images are softened models of industrial sites and/or intensely lit tree limbs existing together or facing each other.  Her colors suggest distortion of light through pollution, another unseen sense of man’s presence. The final result is a strangely beautiful and surreal illumination of an imaginary window of space and stillness of time. -Janaki Lennie


October 18, 2009