birch mug, ceramics, pottery, clay

This mug by lenni08 reminds me of where I grew up. There are many birch trees in Russia — it’s considered the national tree.

birch bark necklace, jewelry

This necklace made of birch bark by bettula is inspired by the discarded and unusual. You don’t have to think very hard to figure out which tree is my favorite.

redesign, rotating bike wheel pot rack

When I was growing up, people in Russia did not have a lot of money to buy new wares, so they made belongings out of other objects. To this day I think it is pretty cool to see objects and materials being reused, like this rotating bike wheel pot rack by plaidclad

recycled leather necklace

These beautiful and valuable bits and pieces almost disappeared into the garbage pile forever! Get inspired to recycle by the digit recycled leather necklace by mainichi and shift key typewriter vintage pendant necklace by PreciousPastimes.

restored dresser

This neglected dresser was salvaged and restored by rubyrhino1 and made into a vintage masterpiece.  It reminds me of our summer dacha in Russia.

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September 16, 2010