SALTILLO SARAPE, handcrafted, design squish blog

SALTILLO SARAPE, dizziying amazing, rug, design squish blog

SALTILLO SARAPE, dizzying amazing, carpet, design squish blog

saltillo sarapes, dizzying, design squish blog

Stunningly dizzying handwoven saltillo sarapes at the Museum of American Indian. “The earliest Saltillo Sarapes, from before about 1850, employ hand-woven wools and organic dyes (indigo, vegetal green and ivory/natural wool—including an extremely costly red dye, cochineal, produced by pulverizing cochineal bugs, a parasite of the nopal cactus. The designs of these early sarapes, generally a diamond of some sort, are linear and geometric. Sarapes are distinct from the world’s other great textile traditions. There are eye-dazzling effects, particularly in the central medallion, and some early examples vibrate like a piece of Op Art”

May 08, 2012