porcelain nature inspirec ceramics

Vladimir Collection carried and perfected the tradition of the 18th century European trompe l’oeil, meaning “nature in artifice” tradition. Plates are reminiscent of giant cabbage leaves, sunflowers and lettuce leaves. Teapots, sugar bowls and vases are in the form of melons, pumpkins and lemons.  Besides tableware, Vladimir Collection produces metal and porcelain flowers in realistic style.  Each flower and leaves are naturalistically painted and each terracotta pot is designed and handmade.  All collections are handmade in New York and signed by Vladimir Kanevsky, an artist, designer and craftsman who has been perfecting the art of porcelain inspired by nature for almost two decades. 

vladimir collection

Not only Vladimir Kanevsky is a great master of porcelain craft, he is also a very talented sculptor.  He is inspired by human body - naked, solitary and vulnerable.  Vladimir explores human condition, sensations and the search of self.  I also think that earth tones of the terracotta and the fact that a lot of his figures face the earth, his sculptures are a lot about connection with the world, beyond self and losing self. 

vladimir kanevsky

February 12, 2009