environment sensitive led lamp, candelabrum

Streetlamp pole by Vancouver based artist Germaine Koh. Custom LED chandelier responds in real time to wind speed, wind direction, humidity, and rainfall “A large chandelier with blue LED bulbs hangs from a sleekly modern lamp post, sprouting from the green roof of the Convention Centre West. The LEDs are animated by exterior weather conditions — glowing, sparkling or dimming in response to humidity, rain and wind, measured by sensors integrated into the electronic system. The lights grow brighter with relative humidity, and individual LEDs flash when rain falls, while gusts of wind dim or flicker the side of the chandelier that they hit. On clear and calm days, the piece remains constant. ” - Germaine Koh.

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Above: another piece by Germaine Koh. This is a site-responsive installation with plants and soil transplanted from vacant land. Plants and seeds in the soil continue to grow over the course of the show.


October 23, 2009