crate chairs by autumn workshop, daniel goers, design squish blog

crate chairs by autumn workshop, daniel goers, design squish blog

Crate Chairs by Brooklyn based design studio Autumn Workshop started by Daniel Goers.  These chairs are made entirely from re-purposed hologram storage crates.  / “No extra wood was used in the fabrication of these chairs. The original crates were cut down, and the cut-offs were recycled back into the structure. The design uses the printed graphics to inform the user how to interact with the storage components of the furniture” /


September 13, 2012


palisade head, design squish blog

scanning the earth, scott nedrelow, design squish blog

Palisade Head is an immersive 65 x 74-inch print by Minneapolis-based artist Scott Nedrelow. “It’s more like a an actual-size map, but it’s not a useful map — it doesn’t show a large area like satellite maps or blow up a view that could be examined at more of a “honey, I shrunk the kids” level of fascination. it’s just a segment of ground presented actual size on a wall, something that can be ordinarily observed. so there’s a deadpan poetic element, it becomes significant because it doesn’t show anything that can’t already be easily seen”

piece of dirt, contemporary photography, scott nedrelow, design squish blog

September 03, 2012


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“I don’t like concrete. A tree moves and also I’m silent. With a nail or a saw. you’d know I was there. I am like a raccoon” - Richard Greaves

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Home of artist and architect, Eugene Von Bruenchenhein.

miracle on the mountain, house by clarence schmidt, design squish blog

“Miracle on the Mountain” by Clarence Schmidt. Clarence Schmidt was locally and nationally renowned outsider artist -  an iconic pioneer of monumental environmental sculpture. His ongoing life’s work, the “Miracle on the Mountain,” was constructed of found objects and recycled materials between the years 1940-1972, which evolved on the back slope of Ohayo Mountain, in Woodstock NY.

grimes house boat, design squish blog

In 2009, Grimes (Canadian singer-songwriter Claire Boucher) and her then-boyfriend from Tennessee constructed a 20-foot houseboat, named the “Velvet Glove Cast in Iron,” with the intention to sail it down the Mississippi River from Minneapolis to New Orleans. The cargo included chickens, a typewriter, 20 pounds of potatoes and a gifted copy of Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

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Due to engine trouble and subsequent harassment from the Minnesota police, the journey was cut short and the houseboat and chickens were impounded. Above: Grimes.

mississippi house boat, design squish blog

Mississippi house boat.