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The Mush-Lume and Mush-Bloom collections are an initiative to start thinking differently about what our products are made from and how we can keep them out of landfills. Danielle Trofe is working with Ecovative Design and their patented growing process to create ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLE and BIODEGRADABLE interior products. The Mush-Lume pendant uses the process that combines agricultural byproducts, like seed husks and corn stalks and mushroom mycelium. The mycelium binds with components and grows for several days in custom molds. When the growth process is complete, the material is heated and dried, ending the growth cycle. Ta da! Mushroom material! At the end of it’s life, the mushroom material can be broken into smaller pieces, then added to your backyard compost and will fully biodegrade.



May 18, 2014